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We are an international community focused on elevating Black womxn in technical roles by providing access to community, support, jobs, resources, opportunities, and education to advance their careers and succeed.

Provide a supportive community for Black womxn in tech of all backgrounds.

Create a community, learning opportunities, job resources, content, and a place of support for Black womxn in tech.

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Connect with other Black women in Tech, gain access to resources to excel your career, and enjoy member-only perks such as live podcast shows, our recorded workshops library, and more!

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If you are a diverse driven company or individual. Partner with us or sponsor our goals and mission.Post a job to our job board, provide perks to our members, and more!

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Photo of Dominique West.
"Since joining the newsletter I have loved the content and effort being placed in Frauvis to give resources and assistance to the community. Once I took it a step further and joined the slack community I felt immediately at home and in a safe space. Naya is truly creating something beautiful for women in our community and am super excited to see it expand further."
Dominque West - Information Security
Photo of Soyo Awosika-Olumo.
"Through the Frauvis Community, I've felt my voice and my story being amplified, I've learned more about the tech ecosystem, and I have the confidence to learn and tackle anything that I want to accomplish."
Soyo Awosika-Olumo - Senior Software Engineer
Photo of Dr. Chantel Perry.
"As someone who has been in the tech industry for other a decade, I struggled to find people who I could relate to on a cultural level. Frauvis was that community for me and I truly appreciate them for welcoming me and providing a safe haven to speak openly about struggles and share advice with upcoming leaders in the tech space!"
Dr. Chantel Perry aka Dr. C - Data Scientist

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