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How to Keep Up With Tech News

Frequently you hear tech is forever evolving, however, what are you doing about it? It’s vital to evolve with tech and keep relevant. Take time to learn everyday about news, acquisitions, upcoming SaaS updates, breaches, and topics that have an effect on your everyday work. Not only is this beneficial to you, but to teammates, and your employer. Keeping relevant also shows that you are versatile and willing to move with change. Below are just a few ways you can keep up:


Setup alerts to send directly to your inbox, and for urgent alerts sent to your cell phone. For example, if you work in Cyber Security, DevOps, or Information Technology, use a service like Pagerduty to send updates of relevant US Cert alerts or production issues. Likewise, make use of Google Trends and setup a digest to a filtered folder in your inbox.

Read & Listen During Your Commute

Subscribe to newsletters, read blogs, books, and listen to a podcast. This can include signing up for quarterly and yearly reports which usually come in a downloadable pdf to read offline.

Webinars and Courses

Companies like Cisco, Bettercloud, Slack, Zoom, and Okta regularly hold webinars and trainings. This a great opportunity to start a relationship with a rep that can demo hardware, software, and even give special releases early. This is very helpful when you may be asked to recommend new technologies or software to implement, or when a new bit of information comes in handy when solving a problem. In some cases, you can attend a webinar to receive free hardware such as an AP, extended trail, simplified data sheets, or a discount on a product

Social Media

Twitter is the #1 platform to find out about the latest tech news. Do you remember that time Slack was down for almost half a day? Did you go directly to twitter and find out in minutes what was going on? Yup, that’s because twitter has become the place for real time news. Twitter can be best utilized by following industry leaders, CEO’s, and employees at companies related to your industry. This can give you first insight on changes and updates.

Networking Events

Attend network events, meetups, and hiring fairs. Leading tech companies frequently sponsor events. This may be your chance to speak directly with engineering team, security, product, and technology team members. They also love to share updates with a small amount of folks before sharing to the public, to get an early understanding of how customers will react. If you are fortunate, they may share some insider information of upcoming features that may be of a help to the infrastructure at your company.

How do you keep relevant in the tech industry? Share with us below!

Naya Moss

IT and Security Professional

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