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Squire is the world’s leading and fastest-growing software technology platform for barbershops, a hundred-billion-dollar global industry. We provide a one-stop solution that helps small business entrepreneurs run and grow their businesses.
Squire is also the premiere booking engine that connects people with great barbers nationwide. We make it easy to discover and book the best barbers wherever you are, in just a few taps.
With headquarters in New York and a presence in major cities in the United States, U.K. and Canada, Squire has quickly become a market leader in technology solutions for the barbershop industry.
Squire is currently a Series D company and has raised over $165M to date.
For more information, please visit or download the Squire iOS app from the App Store.
We're looking for exceptional iOS Engineers to join our highly coveted Engineering groups. This is an opportunity for you to work on exciting and brand-new initiatives with world-class design.
Community Lead - iOS
- Designing, developing, testing and deploying product and its increments.
- Making design and development decisions.
- Providing required product quality.
- Monitoring progress of work in daily team syncs, updating ticket status.
- Eliciting and refining product requirements by doing research and asking questions.
- Estimating product backlog items and sub-tasks prior to start of sprint.
- Assisting Team Lead, Product Manager, and Project Manager in grooming product backlog weekly.
- Actively participating in sprint planning (come prepared).
- Helping manage teams to delivery of sprint commitments.
- Quickly surfacing issues and any deviations from the plan to internal stakeholders (Community Leader, Team Lead, Product Manager, Project Manager, Eng/Product leadership).
- Creating necessary engineering documentation (i.e., endpoint documentation). 
- Helping teammates remove roadblocks and hit sprint commitments. 
- The duties and responsibilities outlined above are not a comprehensive list and additional tasks may be assigned from time to time based on business needs. 
- Experience in UIKit, Core Animation, AutoLayout.
- Experience in Size Classes.
- Experience building Universal Applications.
- Experience in Swift 5 or above and has utilized key features that make the language great.
- Experience in UIKit collections (UICollectionView, UITableView).
- Experience building modular visual elements that work in multiple screens without repeating code/views.
- Experience building custom transitions.
- Experience in building energy efficient animations.
- Experience with templating.
- Can produce 100% pixel-perfect screens according to high-fidelity mocks. 
- Can produce 100% perfect timed custom animations according to high-fidelity animations.
- Experience in View Debugging.
- Experience with rich and custom push notifications.
- Experience building a test-driven, shareable library.
- Experience in Networking with a RESTful API.
- Experience in concurrency and multithreading.
- Experience in Speed and Resource Optimizations using methods like pre-loading and caching.
- Experience debugging Crashlytics report analysis.
- Experience in Profiling Tools like Energy Log, Leaks, Network, Time Profiler, Zombies, Allocations, etc.
- Experience in performance troubleshooting.
- Experience with version/build release management and distribution through Automation and Custom Build scripts for many schemes and various client recipients.
- Experience writing concise and well-structured code following SOLID, OOP patterns, concurrency patterns, memory management, dependency management, unit testing.
- Experience with analytics and a/b testing tools and concepts.
- A can-do attitude that can hit deadlines without cutting corners or sacrificing structural integrity.
- Excellent oral and written communication skills.
- Strong emotional intelligence and an ability for dynamic partnership across departments.
- Detail-oriented and data-driven.
- Able to successfully organize and manage working with an agile team in 2-week sprint cycles.
- Impeccable time management and able to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
- Able to consistently estimate work to hit delivery timelines without losing good work-life balance.
- Self-motivated and self-sufficient with a strategic mindset. 
- Degree not required. If you fit the bill of the above and the description below, I only want to know two things: What have you built that you can show me (please provide a link), and what exactly were/are you responsible for in that link. Please provide credentials for me if required.

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