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Who We Are 
KETOS is ushering in a new era of understanding around one of the most fundamental, critical elements of life: water. Our goal is simple: to improve water quality, safety and conservation – and enhance healthcare on a global scale. We do this by providing the tools and insights needed to optimize water usage, ensure resource efficiency and provide water safety assurance – and by making these tools accurate, affordable and accessible. 

Our blend of innovative patented hardware with an intelligent interactive software fabric provides predictive and actionable insights through data analytics. KETOS is the 1st in the Industry to have developed a breakthrough solution for monitoring heavy metal ions and doing so in the most innovative product design that allows companies to evolve with Technology as they scale. The blend of a robust ML/AI platform with an intuitive hardware is ultimately delivering the smart water insights needed for sustainable farming, industry operations and safer cities. Come become a changemaker in a movement to drive the disruption forward for water to be transformed as people and businesses view it today. The future of water is here and it's with KETOS solutions. 

Job Summary/Objective  
KETOS is looking for a Data Engineer with a strong software engineering background. We are creating the world’s largest database of actionable water quality data and we need a data ninja to help create and manage our data and its usage in our software platform. 

You will be the go-to person for all things related to data quality: from extracting data from public and proprietary sources (including our award winning KETOS Software Platform), to transforming them in a format suitable for machine learning and analytics, to loading them in our Data cloud. 

You will also be the Data Science team’s point person in our interactions with our Software Platform team and will be responsible for owning parts of the software workflow that interface with the Data Science team’s needs. While your work will be guided by the needs of our Data Science team, you will also have the freedom to use your initiative to contribute to data related products that solve customer problems from start to finish - from sourcing data to implementing machine learning models to interfacing them with the back-end and finally to production.

Key Responsibilities

- Rapidly getting to speed with KETOS’ current platform data architecture back-end.
- Owning the data quality pipeline end-to-end. You will be responsible for creating custom, scalable ETL/ELT workflows that manage the ingress and egress of machine learning and analytics-ready data into the KETOS Datacloud.
- Writing API endpoints that interface to the software platform and bring needed data into the KETOS datacloud.
- Be the Data Science teams’ interface to the software platform. Convert prototypical Data Science and analytics products created by the Data Science team to scalable, production-ready code that interfaces seamlessly with KETOS’ platform.
- Increasing the amount of clean, relevant data in KETOS’ water quality database. This includes but is not limited to web-scraping for public sources of water quality data (EPA, State govts, USGS, etc). 
- Ensuring excellence in delivery to internal and external customers.
- Work on key software automation tasks that help internal customers scale productivity. 


- MS in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Statistics, or equivalent fields with a minimum of 2+ years hands-on industry work experience as a Data Engineer or as a software engineer with Data Engineering experience.
- • Strong data extraction, data mining skills within the Python Data Science ecosystem including but not limited to - Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, SQLAlchemy, SqLite3, Matplotlib, Seaborn, PySpark, BeautifulSoup, Selenium.
- • Expert-level knowledge of data-sourcing using APIs (when such are available) or scraping websites for data (when APIs are not available). Deep familiarity with creating API endpoints that interface with cloud back-ends.
- • Deep knowledge and extensive experience using Python including, but not limited to: Object Oriented Programming, knowledge of Python libraries that are used to interface to external data sources (requests, json), knowledge of Python libraries that can interface to backend servers (Flask).
- • Knowledge of dimensional data modeling and the ability to define custom database schema.
- • Hands-on experience with enterprise-level cloud computing frameworks (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) and data warehousing solutions (Snowflake, Databricks and/or equivalent).
- • Demonstrated ability to develop high-quality code adhering to industry best practices (i.e., code review, unit tests, revision control) 
- • Ability to work independently and in a team as demanded by the situation. Ability to manage time schedules to ensure on time delivery to customers, both internal and external. We are looking for engineers who can hit the ground running and can make an impact in a short timeframe.
- • Demonstrated ability to bootstrap skills in a new domain to a high level in a very short span of time. Willingness and desire to take initiative, thrive on challenges and a do-what-it-takes attitude.

Preferred Experience

- 1+ years hands-on industry work experience designing and building large-scale data, machine learning, and analytics applications and pipelines that are well-designed, cleanly coded, well documented, operationally stable, and delivered on time.
- • A broad understanding of the most important aspects of applied machine learning algorithms & principles (including but not limited to regression analysis, time series, probabilistic models, supervised classification and unsupervised learning)
- • Willingness to familiarize oneself with open problems and sources of data in the water industry and in industries affected by the supply of clean water: municipal water supplies, agriculture (open and vertical), industrial applications.

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