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You’ll be the fifth Engineer at Daybreak and will work directly with the CTO and a cadre of talented engineers.

Your onboarding will be broken out into the below phases:
1. A handful of bug fixes and tech debt iterations where you’ll work across our RoR backend, our React Native mobile app, and our ReactJS web app. This will provide you with a high-level understanding of all the puzzle pieces.
2. Take over from the CTO as the Engineer in Charge (EIC) on an existing Technical Proposal, critique it, estimate it, and implement it.
3. Draft a Technical Proposal as the Engineer in Charge (EIC) in response to a Product Requirement Document (PRD) and collaborate with the rest of the engineering team to implement and drive the project all the way through launch.

After this onboarding, you will have worked across the codebase and the company and delivered two material features. You’ll know where and how to ask questions and be capable of autonomously delivering features.

After your onboarding, you’ll work with other engineers helping them implement and refine their Technical Proposals and join the Engineer in Charge rotation. As you rotate through projects you’ll eventually come to own several existing systems and numerous new ones. You’ll be looked to as the Subject Matter Expert (SME) on these systems by both Product and the CTO.

In order to be capable of this work, we expect that you will be extremely skilled at data schema design, API design, async-design, visual design implementation, documentation writing & automated testing across both RoR and React.

You are expected to have opinions on some, though not all, of the following: workflow engines, feature toggles, asynchronous processing, authorization strategies, data replication from external services, API structure, and task automation. You are not expected to be a microservices wiz, a DevOps Ninja, or a full-time DBA.

From time to time, you will be asked to help with projects outside your expertise.

Lastly, you will help Engineering as a whole to deliver on our Technical Vision, which, if lived up to, we believe will provide the opportunity for the business to succeed.

We generally believe this job is doable by someone with three to five years of industry experience composed of at least two recent years of Ruby on Rails and React experience.

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