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  • Ayomide Lamuren on starting a new position as a Teaching Assistant for Management In High Tech Industries at Duke University Master of Engineering Management
  • Lulu Olukoko on starting a new position as a Graduate Project Engineer at Diageo!

📈 [Navigating Career Growth](https://omny.fm/shows/therapy-for-black-girls/session-257-navigating-career-growth?inplaylist=podcast](https://omny.fm/shows/therapy-for-black-girls/session-257-navigating-career-growth?inplaylist=podcast) with Therapy for Black Girls

🚀Career: 4 Black Women Share Their Advice for Creating An Exit Strategy

🔐Getting started in cyber security by Omolara Esther Hamzat

💰 Esther Leonard Talked Her Initial $75K-$80K Salary Offer Up To Six Figures — Now, She's Coaching Other Women To Do The Same

🎨 A Complete guide to building a Design Portfolio by Flux Academy

🎓 Scholarships
- AWS AI & ML Scholarship Program, Apply by Sept 30
- AWS Machine Learning Engineer Scholarship, Apply by Sept 15
- Cognizant Skills Accelerator Program, Apply by Sept 30

🛍 Branding Bae, the AMAZING woman that saved the housewives superstar She by Sheree's website launch by redesigning and migrating to Shopify

⚖️ Minne Inno, A Black-led tech startup looks to combat racial bias in criminal justice, but intends to leave Minneapolis

🥇Meet Anita Lynch, One Of The First African American Women To Serve As A Chief Data Officer For A Public Company

💡🤖 Black or Bot? The Long, Sordid History of Co-opting Blackness Online; How Trolls and foreign agents love to exploit African-American culture for political gain.

🤔 AI-Generated Rapper Controversy Spotlights the Need for More Blacks in Tech

📋 Black Engineers Are Underrepresented in the Workforce; Janeen Uzzell shares the steps her organization is taking to change the hiring landscape

🇬🇧Black entrepreneurs launch immersive diversity training package ahead of Black History Month UK