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💰 15 Highest-Paying IT Certifications

👩🏿‍💻 How to make responsive agency website using Html CSS JavaScript

🎙Grace MacJones share on the Black Tech Unplugged podcast how to delve web3 and why decentralized social media apps could be the future

💸Heroku is changing it's pricing, here are the Top Heroku Alternatives for free

🤔 6 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Hired As a Software Engineer

👩🏾‍💼 Advice (From Someone Who Hires) on Getting Your First Software Engineering Job; Dos and don’ts from my experience interviewing 100+ developers and hiring a few

💸 Pay Equity for Black Women Is Top of Mind for These Tech Executives; Built In talked to five tech executives to see what they had to say about equal pay, venture capital funding and defeating racial bias.

💪🏾 How Do I Become a Disruptor? We Asked the Feminist Championing Women Who Fight the Status Quo.

🛫 Black tech startup, SquadTrip launches first online payment solution designed for millennial group travelers

🇰🇪 Kenyan fintech co Pezesha raises $11M backed by Women’s World Banking, Cardano parent IOG

🇧🇷 Guetto Institute Creates New Futures For Black Brazilians Through Tech

🌈 The tech sector has a diversity problem. Now what?

🤔 Why I Don’t Have Time For Your Coding Challenge