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  • Monique on completing 50% of the Google Analytics Professional Certification
  • Hawa on their promotion to Software Engineering Specialist
  • Abidemi on passing the AWS Certified Cloud Practioner exam!
  • Allie on landing an offer as a fully remote Software Engineer making $100k+
  • Abadesi on being recognized with an Inspiring Fifty Europe 2022 award
  • Regina on completing the Writing in Plain Language course on Linkedin

Chasing the 💰: How to Secure & Maximize Your Income in Tech

📋 The ultimate checklist for an optimized LinkedIn profile

👩🏾‍💻 The Reality Of Being A Black Woman In Tech, Imposter Syndrome, and Q&A Video by Bukola

☝🏾Interview Questions You Must Ask Before Accepting the Job By Angela Johnson

🐍 A First Look at PyScript: Python in the Web Browser

🧠 Coding and ADHD by Abbey Perini

👩🏾‍🎤 What Could Be Afro-Futurism by Esther Olayiwola

📋 Forget LinkedIn, Your Next Job Offer Could Come via Slack

✨✨Attend Cyberjutsu Day 2022 on June 18th ✨✨

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👀 How bad is Big Tech’s hiring freeze? Despite job cuts and slowing growth in some parts of the sector, recruiters say others are holding firm

👩🏾‍💻 Serena Williams Teams Up With Karat To Double The Number Of Black Software Engineers In The US

🤔 George Floyd's Murder Sparked A Wave Of Promises From Big Tech: Was It Just Performative?

🇰🇪 Big tech is winning the battle for Kenya's talent

💰Silicon Valley's secret underground - how Black women can get VC funding

🎙 Glowing in Tech Podcast: Amina Aweis Part 1, Tech Founder, Accessibility Advocate and Neurodivergent Software Engineer

💸 Multiverse raised $220 million to expand apprenticeships, Multiverse participants earn a salary while completing on-the-job training

💁🏾‍♀️ When You Prioritize the Careers of Women, Everyone Wins; How some companies are prioritizing women's career paths and setting them up to thrive in tech

🧱 How Alternative Credentials Can Help You Find Employees; Focus on skills, not degrees, to increase your talent pool

📆 Workshop for Tech leaders, Tokenism Without Change: The Ethics of Brand Marketing of Company Diversity, attend virtually on June 29th

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It's almost Juneteenth! Here are some Juneteenth resources to get you started:

  • If you are still asking, what is Juneteenth, read this now! 👀
  • Why Juneteenth Matters For White People, Too!
  • 10 Things We Want White People to Do to Celebrate Juneteenth
  • Here's how 7 tech companies plan to honor Juneteenth
  • 13 ways to celebrate Juneteenth in Philly; Parades, festivals, exhibits, discussions, and more 💡 What else can you do?
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