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A weekly newsletter centering Black Women in Tech, Black Tech Culture, Curated Career Resources, & Tips for Companies & Allies
curated by Naya Moss
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A weekly newsletter celebrating Black Womxn in Tech, Black Tech Culture, Curated Career Resources, and Tips for Companies & Allies
curated by Naya Moss

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  • to Mrs. Atwater on 114 days of learning Tableau and Salesforce in public
  • to Dr.Brandeis Marshall who will be speaking at the Everyday AI Conf in NYC on June 28th&29th
  • to Micayla on completing Day 7 of 100DaysofCode
  • Kelli Davis on completing Day 23 & Day 24 of 100 Days of Code

🌐 My transition from working with a bank into Web3 interview with Dara Olayebi

🏆 Black Ambition Prize, a chance to win $1M and access to a network of esteemed mentors, Apply Here

🔍 So you want to be a web security researcher? by PortSwigger Research

🥇Building in Public: How Transparency on the Internet Can Support Your Goals

💼 Three Interview Questions You Must Ask Before Accepting the Job with Indeed Misty Gaither

🔐 Awesome Cyber Security Newsletters by Tal Eliyahu

💡15,000 Tech Workers Have Been Let Go In May... The Things to Know When You Lose Your Job In A Downturn

🇿🇦 AfrofutureDAO announces partnership with Brave browser to amplify and support indigenous African creators

💰What It Really Takes to Make $100k Before You Turn 30

💼 Black Sister Duo Behind Growing Million Dollar Hiring App Share Their Best Career Advice

💻 Black Women In Tech: 3 High-Paying Career Paths That Don’t Require Any Coding Skills

🪙Black Women Blockchain Council Founder shares what it takes to Close the Crypto Gender Gap via coindesk

📆 FOX Soul Partners with Black Women Talk Tech for the 6th Annual Roadmap to Billions Conf

🏃🏾‍♀️Why Women Leave Leadership and What to Do About It, 7 ways organizations can do better

💜 How to Support Social Wellbeing and Workplace Loneliness

💼 One way to tackle unemployment: Put job seekers on career paths... a career-path solution for Chicago's Black and Brown job seekers