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Career Development

🏗 If you are new to tech and working with product teams, terms such as technical debt, backlogs, stakeholder analysis, and RICE scoring model may sound like a foreign language. 
Check out this playlist by Product Plan for videos and resources that will help you with learning the basics of product!

🍎 Apple Entrepreneur Camp - Supporting diversity in technology. Recieve one year of free membership, community, and support for up to one year prior to attending camp. Huge thanks to Timirah James for telling us about this awesome opportunity!

- Apply by Nov 17 - SREcon Americas
- Apply by Nov 30 - ReactEurope
- Apply by Nov 30 - Nullcon International Security Conference
- Apply by Nov 30 - Devopsdays Los Angeles
- Apply by Dec 7 - QA Global Summit

From Our Job Board
- Senior Software Engineer at ThinkCERCA, Remote, Chicago
- Design Researcher at Walmart in Denver
- Software Engineer, iOS at Snap, Inc in Los Angeles
- Head of Product at Byte Chek in Miami
- Security Staff Engineer at Attentive, Remote

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🧋 Dev Stories by Bukola: I Quit My Job To Build A Game Studio with Bria Sullivan, founder of Bubble Tea Game.

🤖 How De’Aira Bryant found her path into robotics. The computer scientist recently finished her second internship at Amazon, where she worked on a new way to estimate the human expression on faces in images.

🎞 A Black Woman Invented Home Security. Why Did It Go So Wrong? Surveillance systems, no matter the intention, will always exist to serve power.

🚗 Nigerian shared mobility startup Shuttlers raises $1.5M, plans pan-African expansion.

💵 Women of Color in FinTech: We Exist by Michelle Dhansinghan.

🤔 I Was Told I Have Career Advantages ‘as a Black Woman.’ Here’s How I Replied.

💡Racism in the Workplace: Expert Voices From Around the World!

💜 Leading With Empathy & Allyship Show - How Women Network With J. Kelly Hoey.

👋🏾 Hey all, Naya here, this week I am using this section of our newsletter for some updates as we are close to closing out the year...

🏝I am taking some time off starting mid-December, I'll send out a community update email announcing when our newsletter and events will return. During this time, I will be reaching out to check in with folks looking for work, folks who are seeking career development help, and having coffee chats ☕️.

📆 Our next event is our end of the year dinner, individual invites will be sent soon

💼 Our job alerts will continue every Thursday at 11:45 am as usual during the short hiatus I mentioned above.

🤝 In 2022, I'll need some help part-time, particularly with events, if you are interested, let me know!

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