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A weekly newsletter celebrating Black Womxn in Tech, Black Tech Culture, Curated Career Resources, and Tips for Companies & Allies
curated by Naya Moss

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  • Bri-Anna Lewis on becoming part of the top 5% of designers worldwide on uxcel.com
  • Jennifer Francis on completing Course 5 of the Google data analytics
  • Jeneba Wint on releasing a new spisode of Talk your SAAS: ISSA Big CEO Mood, Career Ownership And How To Be The CEO Of Your Career
  • Tracy on passing the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam
  • Oluwafisayomi on completing Course 1 of Google Data Analytics
  • Niesha White, UX Designer, on their go live of their new website

📝 8 Tips for Writing a Winning Resume by Thomas Frank

😎 How To Become A Web3 Developer - A beginners guide to navigating the confusing world of web3

🥇 Take Control of Your Professional Success by setting career goals

🏫 An Introduction to JSON An Introduction to JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)

🖥 How to Build an Impressive Portfolio with a Blog using NextJs + GraphCMS by Sirena Alyce

✅ Your Job Search Checklist, The Step-by-Step Guide to Landing Your Dream Job

🛤 Introduction to Ruby via GitHub Learning Lab

🔍 Awesome Threat Detection and Hunting - A curated list of awesome threat detection and hunting resources

💸 The Equity 101 Course Everything you need to understand equity in private companies. Learn how to navigate job offers, understand taxes, and plan for the future.

👀 The Hack That Made Google Shut Down via Darknet Diaries

👩🏾‍🦱  Interview: How These Black Women Raised $5M and Aim To Use AI To Disrupt The $13B Wig Market

🪴These five Black entrepreneurs are turning Tulsa’s original Black Wall Street into a tech hub

🕶 Black to Reality: How Black Creators at Meta Are Shaping the Metaverse

🤝 #BlackTechFutures Builds Connection Between Technology, Equity, and HBCUs

🤰🏾How tech can help address the Black maternal health crisis

🦊 Did Tesla Just Steal This Black Man's Idea?

🛡 How to Stop Cybercriminals in Their Tracks, Crooks use a variety of tools and tactics, but smart security practices can thwart them

📊 Kapor Center & NAACP, Black Tech Ecosystem Report 2022breaks down disparities across the tech industry, from K-12 and post-secondary academic institutions, to recruiting, hiring, retention, and VC funding.

📈 Q&A: What tech firms can do to grow their Black workforce

⚖️ Why it’s time for tech firms to publish their ethnicity pay gap data

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