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Questions we receive frequently

The questions on this page were asked by members, companies, and interested folks over the years.

ℹ️ General

What is Frauvis?

Frauvis is a job board, Newsletter, community, and network for Black womxn in tech and allies.

What does Frauvis do?

Frauvis elevates and empowers Black womxn in tech globally through community.

Frauvis provides a network, platform, and opportunities to get into and retail technical positions within any industry or sector for our members and allies.

How do I join the community?

As a person who identifies as a Black Womxn, join here

As a person who identifies as an Ally, join here.

What type of partnerships do you offer?

Please visit our partnerships page for more information.

Is your community only for Black womxn?

Our community welcomes all folks who support and believe in the mission of elevating Black Womxn. However, we have an exclusive space specifically for those who identify as Black Womxn.

What is meant by Black womxn in "tech"?

We refer to persons who identify as Black womxn who either currently work in technical roles or seek a technical role as an occupation.

We follow the western / US definition of "technical jobs," meaning jobs such as Data, IT, Networking, Penetration Testing, Software Development, etc. Non-marketing & non-sales positions, except for Sales Engineer.

Who runs Frauvis?

Frauvis was founded and is owned and run by Naya Moss.


I do not work in tech yet. Can I still join?

Yes, we welcome and are extremely esthetic when folks seek to transition into technical positions. Upon your request, we connect you with folks who are currently working in the position you are seeking and provide you with resources to aid input you on the right path to success.

Can I edit my profile visibility?

Yes, the options are Public, Private, and Limited.

Can I limit my open-to-work visibility?

Yes, you can change your open-to-work viability to Public, Private, and Limited within your profile dashboard.

How can I host an event?

Members can request to host an event by submitting an event via the "Host An Event" form.

Where can I access member links?

Upon logging in, all relevant links are provided on your dashboard.

What are the membership tiers, and are they all free?

Below are our membership tiers:

  • General - free
  • Founding member - paid, apply for further information
  • Ally member - paid, apply for further information

I get too many notifications in Circle. How can I fix this?

To manage your notifications, please navigate to https://community.frauvis.com/settings/notifications

🤝Employers & Partners

How do I post to your job board?

Apply to become a hiring partner, get approved, purchase job credits, post your jobs. After becoming a hiring partner, you no longer need to interact with a team member for requests such as posting each job.

How long does it take to become a partner?

Our team reviews, approves, or denies partnership inquiries with in 24 hours.

What are the reasons for being rejected as a hiring partner?

Companies may be rejected as a hiring partner as follows but not limited to:

  • The company has a track record of harm and harmful behavior towards Black womxn such as sexism, racism, harassment, abuse, sexual assault, and or misconduct. 
  • The company has a track record of harming underrepresented people.
  • The company had allegations and convictions of sexual assault, domestic violence, and or abuse by any current founders, executives, and board members of any gender - male, female, and non-binary.

What is the exact process of posting a job on your job board?

  1. Become an approved partner 
  2. Purchase individual job credits or job credit packages.
  3. Receive confirmation
  4. The job goes live within 24 hours or less 

What are job credits?

1 Job Post = 1 credit. If you purchase a package of 10 jobs, you have ten credits. If you use 2 of your job credits to post jobs, you will have eight available job credits.

Can I pay for job credits via an invoice?

You can request an invoice instead of paying by card when purchasing more than five job credits at a time.

Do job credits expire?

No, job credits do not expire.

Are discounts available for purchasing multiple job credits at once?

Yes, please see the hiring partner portal for prices and packages.

How long are jobs listed on your website?

Each job is listed for 30 days. You have a three-day grace period if you want to extend your job. Each 30-day extension is one job credit.

Are payments for my job listing or advertisement refundable?

Unfortunately, all job listings and advertisements purchases are non-refundable.

Where is the job post shared?

Job posts are shared across social media (Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram), private community platforms, newsletters, our member portal, and our job board.

Can I make a job post private just for members/talent?

Yes, this can be done by adding the status of private. These job post will only show on our portal.

Can I edit a job post after it's live and posted?

You can edit job posts via your hiring partner dashboard within the Frauvis portal. If the job is already live on frauvis.com/job-board, the job can take up to an hour to update your change automatically.

Can I renew a job post once it's expired without submitting again?

Yes, you can renew an expired job post by navigating to the dashboard and clicking re-list (this feature will roll out in January 2022).

Can I delete a job post? How?

Yes, job posts can be deleted by logging in to the partner dashboard, navigating to jobs, and changing the status to delete.

How do I view talent profiles?

Talent profiles can be viewed from our partner and member portal.

How do I contact talent?

Each talent profile has a request introduction button at the bottom of the page.

How much does it cost to access talent resumes?

Accessing talent resumes is free with any job post. This will change in the first/second quarter of 2022.

How much does a partnership cost?

Don't hesitate to get in touch with naya@frauvis.com for further information.

🌐Data and Privacy

How do I submit a Data Subject Removal request? 

You have two options to remove your data.

  1. Email naya@frauvis.com and formally request to remove part of all of your data.
  2. Within your member or partner dashboard, navigate to Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) page and select what aspects of your profile you would like removed or if you would like to remove all of your data from all of our databases. 

📧 Newsletter 

How can I subscribe to your Newsletter?

You can subscribe at frauvis.com/newsletter.