ℹ️ About Us

Frauvis is a company by Black womxn in tech for Black womxn in tech. We are a global community focused on elevating and retaining Black womxn in technical roles. We do this by providing access to community support, resources, opportunities, and education to advance their careers to succeed. 

Provide a supportive community and resources for Black women in tech of all backgrounds.

Create a community, learning opportunities, job resources, content, and a place of support for black women in tech.

Human First

We are a humans first and a members first company we put our members well-being and advancement over profitability.

Core Values

  1. Be human first
  2. Lead with integrity
  3. Embrace and drive change
  4. Operate with integrity
  5. Open communication

Why Do We Exist

✨ Provide a SAFE for Black womxn in tech

✨ Connect Black womxn with opportunities that advance their careers

✨ Increase the amount of Black womxn in technical roles  

✨ Increase the retention rate of Black womxn in technical roles  

✨ Support Black women in the workplace as their experiences and available opportunities differ from those with other diverse backgrounds

💼 Provide companies with a strong and the largest talent pool of Black womxn technical professionals

💼 Provide companies with resources and training around attracting and retaining Black womxn employees

Naya Moss in black and white picture at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow MOCAK.

Our Founder and CEO

I'm Naya (she/her), a Creative Technologist, IT professional, and Security professional.

A firm believer in empathy and being human first.

@bossnayamoss on Twitter.