ℹ️ About Us

Frauvis is a company by Black womxn in tech for Black womxn in tech. We are a global community focused on elevating and retaining Black womxn in technical roles by providing access to community support, resources, opportunities, and education to advance their careers to succeed. 

Provide a supportive community and resources for Black women in tech of all backgrounds.

Create a community, learning opportunities, job resources, content, and a place of support for black women in tech.

Human First

We are a humans first and a members first company we put our members well-being and advancement over profitability.

Why Do We Exist

✨ Provide a SAFE for Black womxn in tech

✨ Connect Black womxn with opportunities that advance their careers

✨ Increase the amount of Black womxn in technical roles  

✨ Increase the retention rate of Black womxn in technical roles  

✨ Support Black women in the workplace as their experiences and available opportunities differ from those with other diverse backgrounds

💼 Provide companies with a strong and the largest talent pool of Black womxn technical professionals

💼 Provide companies with resources and training around attracting and retaining Black womxn employees

Our Founder and CEO

I'm Naya, a Creative Technologist, IT professional, and Security professional.